March 2019

Extra Extra Read All About It !!!

Congratulations to Nasta_King on winning the Crazy for Gold contest for the month of March.

I would like to thank you all for the continued support here at Canasta Eternal, I am hoping you all enjoy the regular specials as well as the Egg Hunt in April, Onyx and hello would love to get some suggestions for the theme doubles game and trivia on friday nights please email or message them with ideas.

I also hope you will email me with any game rules you would like to see on our games page,

I am also willing to hear ideas on specials you would all like added as well and even ideas and thoughtsfor the myleague page as well.

As we continue to grow I hope to add to our prizes for random tourneys and the monthly specials.

Most of all I hope you Have Fun and Good Luck !!

February 2019

Extra Extra Read All About It!!

Firstly I would like to say a big thankyou to you all for joining me at Canasta Eternal.

I am hoping we can turn this league into something amazing that will be here in the years to come, I thank all my staff that have joined who continue to do amazing work.

We have added specials to our main page that will be run over the week some of them alternating around the month such as TOC, TOC Doubles and Weakest Link. We have an exciting february special coming you're way to see how it works visit the specials page.

Most of all I hope you all enjoy playing here, have fun and Good Luck.

Lets all have some fun Your Admin Team