Welcome to the TD Center

This page hopes to help all staff!!

Tourneys directors need to host 4 tourneys a week.

However if you can't be around to play and host, please let the admin team know otherwise you may lost your staff postion.


TDS are to go to HTDS,if they can't help you they will go to Admin.

td application pic

All applications will be approved by all Admin.

EternallyGr8ful will be our SWISS TOURNEY TRAINER. This also will include WEAKEST LINK SWISS APPROVAL.

Nasta_King will be hosting the TOURNMENT OF CHAMPIONS.

He will also teach staff how to host them if you would like to do so get intouch with him.

EternallyYours will request to SHG for you to be able to attend bell classes

She will also be making sure each staff member gets access to this TD Center.

hellomesquito will be hosting our MEMBER BIRTHDAY TOURNEYS.

We use shortkeys for our lobby spams. Link is below:

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Want to spice up your pages?? Visit links belows:

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Want different color texts on your pages? Visit link below:

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The below links are handy text blurbs with html coding for our specials.

If you need help adding codes to your tourneys or would like codes for games rules contact EternallyYours

She will help you do this and if you like she will make you your own pages.

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